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Tiziano Ferro - Accetto Miracoli (2019)

Pop  Rhythm n Blues
Дата: 24 ноября 2019
Добавил: St3ph32
Просмотров: 1492
  • ИСПОЛНИТЕЛЬ: Tiziano Ferro
  • АЛЬБОМ / НАЗВАНИЕ: Accetto Miracoli
  • ГОД / ДАТА ВЫХОДА: November 22, 2019
  • СТРАНА: Italy
  • ТОЧНЫЙ ЖАНР(Ы): Pop, Rythm and Blues
  • ЛЕЙБЛ: Universal Music Italia
  • КАЧЕСТВО: 160 kbps

  • РЕЙТИНГ: 7 / 1    

  • СИДЫ:

Описание альбома

01. Vai Ad Amarti (04:07)
02. Amici Per Errore (02:53)
03. Balla Per Me (03:25)
04. In Mezzo A Questo Inverno (03:45)
05. Come Farebbe Un Uomo (03:30)
06. Seconda Pelle (03:35)
07. Il Destino Di Chi Visse Per Amare (04:10)
08. Le 3 Parole Sono 2 (03:50)
09. Casa A Natale (04:06)
10. Un Uomo Pop (03:13)
11. Buona (Cattiva) Sorte (03:14)
12. Accetto Miracoli (03:31)
13. In Mezzo A Questo Inverno - Reyes Cut (03:24)
14. Accetto Miracoli - Reyes Cut (03:05)

Songs about personal wars and inner conflicts. A crisis to be solved, starting from the one that led to the birth of this album: a creative stalemate that has risked keeping the singer-songwriter of Latina "firm on obstacles", as he also sings in the song that gives the title to the entire album. It was the "guru" Timbaland who unlocked it: working with him, Tiziano Ferro has realized the dream of a lifetime. And he recorded a record, this "I accept miracles", which at almost forty years (half of which passed to write and publish songs) sees him turn the page, archiving the past to look to the future. Getting back in the game.

It seemed that "Il mestiere della vita", in 2016, represented Ferro's relaunch after the collection that two years earlier had seen him celebrate his story. The closing of one chapter, the beginning of another. But then something happened. In search of stimuli, inspiration and new things to tell, the singer-songwriter decided to question himself. Revolutionizing his working method: the usual one, which from the beginning with "Rosso relativo" had seen him working side by side with Michele Canova, become over the years the most popular producer by Italian pop stars. A method now too schematic and predictable. Ferro needed someone to remove the carpet from under his feet and Timbaland arrived, artistically born in the early '90s, came to the fore around the middle of the year 2000 (thanks to collaborations with stars of hip hop and r&b music) but ended up in the background in recent years with the rise of various Diplo, Skrillex, Max Martin and Frank Dudes, become in fact the reference points of the new stars of international music: with him, Tiziano came out of his comfort zone, rediscovered his roots and added an extra piece to his discography.

On the one hand the soul, the r&b, the American music, the powerful beats of Timbaland (which in some passages deliberately sound retro, as in the records that the singer-songwriter consumed as a boy: Usher, Missy Elliott, Aaliyah) in "Vai ad amarti", "Come farebbe un uomo", "Seconda pelle", "Le 3 parole sono 2", "Un uomo pop", "Buona (Cattiva) sorte", close to the sounds of "Rosso relativo" and "111" that Ferro had dusted off with "Il mestiere della vita". On the other hand, the airy melodies of the ballads that have become from "No one is alone" the specialty of the singer-songwriter, and that here we find in "Friends by mistake", "In the middle of this winter" (produced by Titian himself), "The fate of those who lived to love" and "House at Christmas". In "I accept miracles" Ferro continues to play with the two opposite poles of his music, but merging them into a single disc.

There is a stereotype in art and music: when you are happy, creativity falls, while when you suffer you create the best things. It's a stereotype. Tiziano Ferro is happy. "I accept miracles" is the diary of a way out of an inner and musical crisis, towards a new serenity and happiness. Tiziano Ferro has produced a record that summarizes his history and renews it with new sounds: a restart from scratch, without forgetting the past.


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